A Cloud House

Pictures by Kylie Woon. Find me at my Blogspot and my Facebook Page

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Anonymous asked:

your work is really lovely, thank you for being awesome! <3

A Cloud House answered:

Aw shucks thank you very much ^_^

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spamusubi-deactivated20140222 asked:

What made you so cool?

A Cloud House answered:

Haha awwww <3 <3

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your photo 'Cycle' and wanted to use it in a gallery I am putting together for an art class. Is it ok that I use it? I will, of course, give full credit to you :) Also, could I have a bit more detail about the piece (when it was taken, what materials/apps you used to create it, dimensions, etc.), because for the class it requires we have those details and I couldn't find them anywhere else? Thanks so much. Your work inspires me :)

A Cloud House answered:

Hi there, sure, thanks for asking and go ahead and use it!
It is a composite of several photos shot on a Canon DSLR and stitched together in Adobe PS CS4. 
It’s digital so I guess the dimensions depend on what size print you have! I don’t know if that helps or not… if you have any other questions though you’re welcome to ask me here or at kyliewoonphoto[at]hotmail[dot]com :) Have a lovely day!

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Hello - I have been asked (via notes on one of my images) if I have an Instagram and being a total Tumblr noob I do not know a way to answer personally, so: My Instagram is, creatively enough, @kyliewoon ^_^

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