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Anonymous asked:

your work is really lovely, thank you for being awesome! <3

A Cloud House answered:

Aw shucks thank you very much ^_^

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spamusubi-deactivated20140222 asked:

What made you so cool?

A Cloud House answered:

Haha awwww <3 <3

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your photo 'Cycle' and wanted to use it in a gallery I am putting together for an art class. Is it ok that I use it? I will, of course, give full credit to you :) Also, could I have a bit more detail about the piece (when it was taken, what materials/apps you used to create it, dimensions, etc.), because for the class it requires we have those details and I couldn't find them anywhere else? Thanks so much. Your work inspires me :)

A Cloud House answered:

Hi there, sure, thanks for asking and go ahead and use it!
It is a composite of several photos shot on a Canon DSLR and stitched together in Adobe PS CS4. 
It’s digital so I guess the dimensions depend on what size print you have! I don’t know if that helps or not… if you have any other questions though you’re welcome to ask me here or at kyliewoonphoto[at]hotmail[dot]com :) Have a lovely day!

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Hello - I have been asked (via notes on one of my images) if I have an Instagram and being a total Tumblr noob I do not know a way to answer personally, so: My Instagram is, creatively enough, @kyliewoon ^_^

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Anonymous asked:

What camera are you using?and what Lens do you have? :)

A Cloud House answered:

Hi, 99% of my pictures are taken with a Canon 450D and a 50mm 1.4 or 50mm 1.8. I have since upgraded but literally 99% of my pictures were created with that :)

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Anonymous asked:

Hi, I know this is random, but how old are you? I'm so impressed that you are such a talented one in such a young age! Keep it going! xoxo

A Cloud House answered:

Hey, thank you… though I’m afraid I’m neither young nor talented :) I’m 22 and the little I can do is based off of practice… the more I practiced, the more ‘talented’ I’d be. I do wish I found photography earlier though. Thank you kindly :)

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Anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on local photographers in Hawaii (those that are in your genre as well as out), who are your favorites, and what do you think can be improved on the Hawaii Photographer scene?

A Cloud House answered:

Hey :) Well I moved from Hawai’i in August 2012, and was only there for a year and a half prior to that, so I will answer your question as openly as possible but do keep in mind I am answering only based on my observations and they may not be that accurate!

From what I saw, the scene out there consists of a lot of nature and surf/wave photographers. Which is pretty understandable, considering it’s, well, Hawai’i. And there’s a lot of beautiful, stunning work out there (of the natural environment). 

I guess that’s also what made me feel that the scene was a tad one-dimensional out there. I mean, don’t get me wrong, people can photograph whatever they choose. But yeah, I felt the scene was really saturated with the same gorgeous landscapes, mountains, and shore breaks. I sort of feel like the stellar backdrop that is Hawai’i does a lot for the photographer already, it’s easy to passively capture the natural beauty when it’s just everywhere. But just because the subject is beautiful doesn’t mean we should be passive, there is always something unique, something intimate that you the photographer can share. You can always be pushing the envelope more (especially when every other person is shooting the same scenic spots). 

(Also, does being a photog in Hawai’i mean you must be shooting the Hawaiian landscape? And nothing else?)

During my time there, I only met one photog who I saw inject his own personality and his own stories into his work. Check him out at Ipox Studios. 

Anyways, I’m sorry for the late reply. You should know that I’ve tried to answer this several times before but didn’t want to say the wrong thing as I don’t want to offend anybody. :P

Have a good day!


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